Spiral Hand Chain

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The spirals - a tribute to life's ever-changing journey - with their simple yet mesmerizing beauty, talk of growth, unity, and endless possibilities.

Drape around your wrist, and connect to your finger - the Spiral Hand Chain is a bold talisman of personal transformation, and the boundless horizons ahead.

Styling? Just alone: Its powerful symbolism adds depth and meaning to your look.

Want to turn heads? Team them up with our Spiral Choker or Spiral Earrings. Together, they’re the perfect mix of boldness and statement.

Put them on, feel the vibe, and let them be a part of your wonderful journey. After all, life is about the turns we take, and with the Spiral Collection, you're bound to make them memorable.

Available in: Sterling Silver, and Vermeil.

All of our pieces are handmade, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery when out of stock.


Fitting: HandChain
Width: 32 mm // 1.25 In
Length Size M: 190 mm // 7.48 In
Length Size L: 210 mm // 8.26 In     
Weight: 13.7 g

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