About Us

ZacBe Jewelry

ZacBe is a boutique brand crafting jewelry designs that achieves a beautiful balance between luxury and rustic style, rendering each of its designs unique. The artistry of ZacBe is defined by empowering glamour, drawing inspiration from enigmatic ancient cultures, their mystical worlds and inspiring attributes. ZacBe masterfully fuses the essence of the past with contemporary sensibility, culminating in timeless pieces.

ZacBe Founders

Gabriela Muñoz, a designer that has been deeply connected to the world of jewelry since her youth, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, her creative vision has always been clear and vibrant. Alongside her, Claudio Hoffmann a lawyer with not only an entrepreneurial vision, but also a passion for design. Together with immense effort and determination, they decided to undertake into their dreams founding ZacBe Jewelry. In 2017, they took another significant step, relocating from Mexico City to make Tulum their new headquarters.

ZacBe Boutique

At the iconic Tulum Beach Strip, along the lush emerald vegetation, white sands, and turquoise waters nests flagship ZacBe boutique. Designed with unique distressed furniture, and beautiful ambient lighting, it offers the complete collection of ZacBe jewelry, bespoke and unlimited pieces, and beautiful curated brands inspired by Tulum lifestyle.