Libertad Ring

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Libertad Ring – symbolizing boundless freedom and fearless expression. With our interpretation of ethereal wings, this piece embodies the spirit of unbridled possibilities and dreams taking flight. Celebrate your unique journey, embracing inclusivity and dignity with every wear.

A reminder that your story, radiating from its shimmering natural stone, is a beacon of courage and individuality in the boundless skies of unity and diversity. Wear your freedom, tell your tale.

Libertad Ring is perfect for various styling options. Wear it as a statement cocktail ring or a fashionable accessory to elevate your ensemble. For a more personalized touch, combine it with other pieces from our collection to create a uniquely stunning look.

Catering to diverse preferences, we offer these unique options:

1) Vermeil & Citrine - Symbolizing warmth, energy, and abundance. Its hues beautifully reflects the power to express one's true self and embrace life's infinite possibilities.

2) Sterling Silver & Citrine - Symbolizing warmth, energy, and abundance. Its hues beautifully reflects the power to express one's true self and embrace life's infinite possibilities.

3) Vermeil & Opal - A stone of inspiration and expression, opal encourages you to unleash your true self, liberating your spirit to explore the myriad paths laid before it, while illuminating your journey with its enchanting play-of-color.

4) Vermeil & Topaz - Symbolizing strength and intelligence, topaz empowers you to stand firm in your convictions, navigating through life’s varied chapters with a clear mind and a free spirit, steadily shining in the endless voyage towards authenticity and freedom.

5) Sterling Silver & Peridot - Its lively green hue, mirrors the continuous journey of growth, encouraging the wearer to seek self-renewal and evolution. Peridot invites you to blossom boundlessly, echoing endless opportunities for change and transformation.

6) Vermeil & Turquoise - Known for its serene azure hues and ancient wisdom, turquoise bestows a safe space for free expression and exploration. It guards your journey ensuring that your spirit dances, unencumbered, under the boundless celestial tapestry.

7) Vermeil & Sapphire - Symbolizing wisdom and divine favor, the sapphire gently nudges you towards your authentic self, paving a path where your spirit may wander freely, unshackled, in the pursuit of your true essence and expression.

8) Sterling Silver & Tourmaline - Symbolizing your journey towards self-liberation, the tourmaline revered for protection and grounding, emboldens your spirit, embodying diverse paths of freedom and self-discovery.



Fitting: Adjustable Band from size 4 us to size 7 us 
Width: 18 mm // 0.70 In
Length: 20 mm // 0.78 In
Weight: 2.7 g

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