Amunet Bracelet

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Step into a world of regal elegance with the Amunet Bracelet. This captivating piece draws inspiration from the aesthetics of ancient Egypt. Its design exudes a sense of grandeur, boasting a bold and sleek finesse that speaks to luxury.

The Amunet Bracelet features a modern interpretation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, imbuing it with a sophisticated allure. These symbols, revered as "the words of God" by the Egyptians, add a touch of mystique and significance to this remarkable accessory.

Adorned with two exquisite topazes—one at each end—the bracelet sparkles with timeless beauty, symbol of fortune and serenity, revered since ancient times for its elegance and mystical allure.

Indulge in the feeling of sophistication and empowerment as you wear the Amunet Bracelet. Whether worn alone to make a regal statement or paired with the Cleo Earrings for a coordinated ensemble.

This bracelet fits a wrist and forearm 18 - 20 cm diameter. Can me customized to desired size.

Available in: Sterling Silver, and Vermeil.

Stones: Blue Topaz.

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